Most forms you've seen on this site in previous years have been removed because spirit items, student meal plans, donations, etc. can all be purchased online at our new site:

Emergency Form - The ER form MUST be filled out and returned to the Director or the Boosters 2nd VP before a student will be allowed to travel with the band. Please return this form to us by the 1st Friday of Summer Band.

CHS Band Handbook (revised May 15, 2012) This is your student’s first source of information. They should read it.

Criminal History Consent Form - Any and all persons that volunteer in a capacity where they will have supervisory control over students who are not their own must submit to a criminal history check. If you will be working with Boerne Champion Band students, please fill out this form and return it to the director ASAP.

UIL 8-Hour Marching Band Rule - Since 1997 the UIL has limited practice outside the academic school day for marching band and auxiliary components to eight hours per calendar week. The form was created to enlighten students and parents regarding the specifies of the 8-hour rule as it applies to marching band. Click here to open and print this form: 8-Hour Rule Form